Welcome to the Conscious You Event: A Journey of Empowerment and Connection

Are you seeking a sanctuary that resonates with your empathic and intuitive essence?

In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming, discovering a space that truly understands and nurtures your unique gifts is indeed a treasure.

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for the Conscious You, a transformative “Live” event via Zoom on October 17 and 18th, crafted especially for souls on a spiritual and personal development path.

Conscious You

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Why Join Us?

This extraordinary event is your gateway to over 60 GIFTS, including soothing healing audios, introspective guided meditations, enriching ebooks, and exclusive coaching and healing sessions. Each has been carefully selected to support your journey towards a life filled with deeper understanding, wellness, and prosperity.

Event Details:

- Dates: Thursday, Oct 17 and Friday, Oct 18

- Time: 9am-5pm PT

- Location: “Live” via Zoom

***Plus extra bonus, Panel Interviews of Experts Oct 3-15

What to Expect:

Inspirational Talks:

45+ Coaches and Healers will share their wisdom and insights. Hear from our keynote speakers, including Alison Armstrong on "Expanding Your Personal Heart Space," and XXXX on the "Power of Aligning Your Entire Being for True Transformation."

Expert Guidance:

Learn from leaders like Susan Shatzer, Jeremy McDonald, Susi Vine, and Jamie Honey, as they share their wisdom on heart-centered living, quantum healing, and empowering your pain-free journey.

Community Connection:

Engage with a community that values the empathic, intuitive, and spiritually attuned. Together, let’s embrace a life of abundance and enlightenment.

Exclusive Free Gifts:

Register now and unlock over

60+ Om-Mazing GIFTS!!!

Games Master:

We want to foster a super fun environment to learn, grow and thrive. So in addition to all of your other gifts... you will receive a chance to win raffle prizes for 20 additional GIFTS during the event.

Ka-Ching, baby!

Even before the Main Event on October 17-18, there are a series of BONUS Panel Interviews on October 3-15, where you will get an opportunity to connect with 3-5 speakers a day and receive golden nuggets, tips for success and spreading love.

With heartfelt anticipation, we can’t wait to welcome you to this journey of heart activation and profound transformation.

About Your Host

She has been getting paid for healing since she was 8 years old.

Tiffany Cano

Blind Spot Healer & CEO

Tiffany is the CEO of Highly Perceptive People Academy. Many empaths, intuitives, transformational workshop leaders and coaches hire her to help them see and heal their blinds pots, be better at holding space and boundaries because most are overwhelmed, subconsciously guarded, take things personally and contract when feeling fear and negativity.

So she helps them be more clear and trust their intuition, feel safe to take confident and empowered action and own your sense of Self. In essence, Tiffany gets you even more aligned and congruent so that you can be even better at receiving more money, love and joy!

Tiffany is also the creator of “Soul of An Empath” Podcast, the “Knowing You” Show, Embodiment Program: Conscious Creation, Love & Empowerment, and the Highly Perceptive People Online Program.

But that’s not all - choose to elevate your experience with our VIP Pass and receive:

-Hang with the Speakers: Meet and Greet the Speakers before and after the event.

-Lifetime Access to Recordings: Never miss a moment with lifetime access to all event recordings.

-VIP Speaker Gifts: Enjoy exclusive gifts from all our speakers, designed to enhance your spiritual journey.

-Special Bonuses: Receive healing and insights from your host, Tiffany Cano, and gain access to panel interview recordings for extra wisdom.

*The Power of Intuitive Living with Tiffany- Live via zoom (Valued at $197)

*30 Min 1-on-1 Blind Spot Coaching & Healing Session with Tiffany (Valued at $250)

VIP Special Offer:

For only $47, secure your VIP Pass and dive deep into a world of spiritual and personal growth, with benefits valued at over $6,993.

Don’t let this transformational opportunity pass you by. Embrace the chance to boost your energy, heal, and empower yourself within a nurturing community.

Conscious You

I agree to terms & conditions provided by the company. By providing my phone number, I agree to receive text messages from the business.